rauldandrea (rauldandrea) wrote in technophiles,

Hello There...

It seems people read this forum :-)

'Robot Lust' seems to be a more specific category of something known of mechophilia, which in turn is more specific category of something else entirely :-)

Anyway, let me introduce myself...

When I was young, I realized there was something different about me... My brother was into girls and I was more into manmade things. I have had girlfriends, but I sort of want to live in a time where girls aren't necessary cause machines can now hold intelligent conversation(?).

Humans come in only one style. Two arms, two legs, and a head. Mankind has long since made more beautiful things than themselves. Perhaps the diversity is what I love most about object-romance and her various offshoots...

Anyone on here think we could have a better community by expanding out toward a more general topic? Like perhaps a group of people attracted to 'any type of machine'?

If someone wants to start one, I'll join right up...
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